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Shortness of breath following a sprint is to be expected, but it can be scary if you have difficulty breathing for seemingly no explicable reason. Breathlessness, or dyspnea, can indicate that you have a condition involving the heart, lungs, or general circulatory system. At Healing Hearts Clinic, the team of expert physicians evaluates your breathlessness and identifies its underlying causes. Call one of the offices, located in Conroe, The Woodlands, and Huntsville, Texas, if you’re concerned about shortness of breath and your overall health.

Shortness of Breath Q & A

Why do I feel short of breath?

Shortness of breath occurs due to decreased oxygen and increased carbon dioxide levels in the bloodstream. Your lungs have a decreased ability to expand, especially in response to normal breathing.

While you may feel short of breath due to poor conditioning, nervousness, or a nutritional deficiency, reviewing of the pattern of your breathlessness and accompanying symptoms helps provide a clue to the doctors at Healing Hearts Clinic as to the reason you’re suffering from it.

When should I be concerned about shortness of breath?

Breathlessness commonly becomes worse on exertion; you should be most concerned if you become short of breath even when resting. If shortness of breath is a symptom of heart disease, it becomes worse when you lie down. Shortness of breath may be accompanied by:

  • Blue discoloration of your fingers, mouth, or toes
  • Chest pain
  • Cough

Any problem with breathing should be taken seriously and investigated by a qualified physician, such as the cardiologists at Healing Hearts Clinic.

Why does heart disease cause shortness of breath?

Heart issues, including heart failure and pericarditis, can cause shortness of breath. When the heart is weak, it has trouble pumping enough blood to supply oxygen throughout your body. Heart problems can also cause fluid and blood to gather in the lungs, compromising their ability to function.

How is shortness of breath evaluated?

The doctors at Healing Hearts Clinic perform a number of tests if you have serious shortness of breath. These may include:

  • Chest X-ray
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Full blood analysis to exclude anemia or infection
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Cardiac enzyme tests
  • Pulse oximetry

You’ll also be asked a number of questions about your symptoms. These include the triggers for your shortness of breath, duration of your suffering, and other symptoms.

How is shortness of breath treated?

Treatment of shortness of breath depends on the cause. You may receive supplemental oxygen to alleviate your immediate discomfort. If it’s determined you have a heart problem, you may be prescribed cardiovascular drugs to reduce your blood pressure and ease the stress on your heart.

If you suffer from shortness of breath, call one of the offices of Healing Hearts Clinic or book online to determine if your heart is suffering.